Cornerstone Family Ministries


Weekly Service Schedule
  10:30 am Morning Worship
  5:30 pm Intercessory Prayer Time
  6:00 pm Evening Worship
  7:00 pm Evening Worship
  8:00 am Fellowship Breakfast at Ace's Restaurant


Welcome to Cornerstone Family Ministries. 


Cornerstone ChurchWe are located at 3132 Cornerstone Way in Yadkinville, NC.


Lenny Lusk, our pastor, welcomes you and invites you to come and join us on Sundays and Wednesdays to worship and receive the Blessings of our Lord. 


Everyone is welcome to come by Ace's Restaurant in downtown Yadkinville for breakfast and fellowship every Saturday morning.


You may contact Lenny at 336-961-7254 if you have any questions or concerns.


Cornerstone Sign

Our Mission:

"To make disciples of all mankind, then send them out....." - Mark 16:15-18



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